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Be Afraid...

Champlain Valley Nightmare

Be afraid...
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What do you fear?
All sorts of evil, twistedness, creatures and insanity can be found here. If you like a good scare (either being scared yourself or scaring others), this is the community for you. Frightening, disturbing community members can be found here, up to all sorts of bizarre things.

Official warning
Photos and videos in this community may contain graphic content (typically blood and gore). Many of these may be faked through makeup effects. Still, you are advised not to look if images of blood or violence upset you. (Unless you also love torturing yourself, in which case, go right ahead!) Basically, the point is: Don't come whining to us if you don't like what you see.

Come play with us. We'll bite!
If you're a twisted being, come enjoy the darkness with us. Members are encouraged to post, discuss, etc. and, of course, spread this community like a virus.

There are no rules currently. Management reserves the right to institute rules (and accompanying corporal punishment) at any time.

Visit us at Nightmare Vermont's Myspace.