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Ho Hum.

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Sep. 28th, 2006 | 12:29 pm
mood: blahblah
posted by: zomgjason in nightmarevt

Man, I am so goddamned bored at work. Sitting here at my desk in my office, working on the latest random project for Mr. Bossmanguy. Blah-de-blah, same thing, day-in and day-out. And I'm craving a cig. Psh.

So I went to Metronome for karaoke last night. Same old stuff. Sang a little, drank a little. Watched the tone-deaf people get up and try to sing songs that they really shouldn't attempt... But you go to one karaoke night, you've seen them all, right? Same with any bar out there. The same drunk college kids every night, looking for a view of some T&A.

Man, I need to find a new place to chill. Something unique.

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